When Holden first showed me the professional shot that inspired this pose, I was struck by how impossibly long and fit the model’s arms and legs seemed to be, and yet how graceful her body looked in the image. Perched on the edge of a table, her foot on the seat of a chair, and with a wide stance that appeared quite regal. She, too, was shot from a low angle, further advancing the theme of royalty. I wish we could find the original and link you to it, but alas. We were both pleased with this one, and we hope you enjoy it, too. ~C

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12 thoughts on “Limbs

    1. H and C Post author

      That would give me fewer opportunities to hold severed heads along with my trusty trident, but I’ll do my best! 😉 ~C

  1. Michael MacDonald

    Very beautiful model and a well composed photo. I do follow and enjoy your posts. I should complement your work more often but I fear I would sound like a broken record.

    Thanks for giving a lift to my day.


    1. H and C Post author

      We are very happy to have given you a lift, and we never tire of hearing kind words about our posts! 😉 ~C

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