Happy Friday, everyone! We are away on a quick overnight venture to assist a family member in need of help, and we are hoping that our hotel room provides some interesting views. Amateur pornographers’ curse, and all that. This photo is a representation of an odd by-product of our new hit-or-miss shooting schedule. When the personal grooming requirements of frequent shoots are relaxed, I do tend to let the garden grow. Holden enjoyed the close-up opportunity. ~C

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10 thoughts on “Scissors

  1. Kerri

    Hunter is all over the map on his preferences almost daily: natural, neatly trimmed, landing strip, or completely shaved. I think part of the reason is he enjoys watching the grooming effort.

    By the way…we both enjoy watching it πŸ˜‰. Very sexy, Camille! Well done capturing the sexy moment, Holden!

    Safe travels!

    1. Jackson

      I’m the same as Hunter…it’s all beautiful to me. Although I do have a slight (like microscopic) preference for neatly trimmed…much like Camille is displaying in this pic. My goodness this is sexy.

      As I stated before…these candid-style photos are some of the hottest, Camille & Holden! Hoping they keep coming πŸ˜‰ .

      1. H and C Post author

        Thanks very much! Holden came across a similar image to this one a couple of weeks ago, so the timing was definitely right for a re-creation. We hope we can continue to convey the impression of “candid-style” even when they are carefully planned. πŸ˜‰ ~C

    2. H and C Post author

      Oh, I am quite sure that we would enjoy watching you, as well! πŸ˜‰ Holden’s preference is always limited to one word: Tidy. So I am the one who experiments, from my go-to patch arrangement to something more exotic for special occasions… ~C

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