Phasma: Off Duty

I was beyond excited when I first read that The Force Awakens would feature a powerful female villain, and even more thrilled that she would be brought to life by Amazon goddess Gwendoline Christie. (I won’t spoil anything, but let’s just say that I was unhappy with Captain Phasma’s limited screen time in The Last Jedi…).

Now, y’all can decide for yourselves whether the idea was silly or inspired — or a bit of both — but Holden and I began joking with each other about what Phasma’s life would be like when she wasn’t at work. It wasn’t long before the joking turned into motivated shopping for a mask online, and then to the creation of a running list in our photography notebook called “What is Phasma Doing?” Yesterday afternoon, we were finally able to put these ideas to the test.

Judging by the awesome comments to a previous Star Wars-themed caption, a good many of you will enjoy these. And we hope you do, because we’re already talking about taking Phasma on the road with us, for future adventures. ~C

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6 thoughts on “Phasma: Off Duty

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you! It’s funny — Holden and I keep referring to these pictures as “she,” as though Phasma is already her own separate character within our portfolio. ๐Ÿ™‚ ~C

  1. jetosh

    Poor Phasma. Can she not order one of her storm troopers to do the mundane household chores? I like that she wears her helmet it”s kind of like June Cleaver wearing her pearls while doing the house work.

    1. H and C Post author

      Maybe she’s afraid that they’d also have “stormtrooper aim” with her cleaning products? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Props to Phasma for at least removing her armor and cape before getting down to the housework! ~C

    1. H and C Post author

      We are sorry that you had a dark day, but we’re always happy to help! We know you’ll stick around to see what else Phasma has been up to… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~C

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