Last Sunday’s photo shoot was another example of Holden at his maximum preparedness level. We had whittled down our Phasma ideas to seven posts, ahead of time, and so he made sure to have seven plans for images of the two of us together, as well. He has held a theory for years that readers are more engaged in a series if it is staggered, rather than presented one after another from start to finish. (The final three Scarlett posts received far less attention than the first three, for a recent example.) I’m doubly grateful for his forward thinking, after seeing the lukewarm reception to the first of the Phasma posts. These couples’ shots were fun, too, and both of us got flashbacks to our early days of blogging: sweetly suggestive photos, always presented in black and white. ~C

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14 thoughts on “Partitioned

  1. jetosh

    A nice photo that let’s us use our imagination to wonder just what is going on off camera. Is C topless? Is C pleasuring H orally? Lot’s of questions. Maybe we will receive some answers in posts to come.

    1. H and C Post author

      I can guarantee that I was topless. 😉 As for the other questions, I’m afraid that this is a stand-alone photo and that we will have to ask y’all to rely on your imaginations to fill in the details… ~C

    1. H and C Post author

      Well, we certainly can’t fault you for your opinions, and you obviously weren’t alone in thinking that way. We are excited about the six shots of us together that are in line…and you might even find some of the Phasma posts to be creative and erotic, too. 😉 ~C

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